Why Naturally Yours Doula Practice?

Our Stats:

-90% of our clients avoided inductions with Pitocin.
-80% of our clients avoided an epidural.
-95% of our clients avoided a c-section.

Our clients averaged 9 hours of labor (compared to an average of 18 hours for a first labor).

What Our Clients Have To Say:

"Thank you so much for being there with me through my labor.  It was a very memorable experience and you helped make it so much easier. I really appreciate it." - Kristen

"With a labor that didn't appear to be progressing, our doula helped my husband and me to avoid interventions, pain medications and a cesarean. We were very thankful for her, and happy we decided to hire her." - Melinda

"Thank you for your patience, skills and kind words of assurance.  It meant the world to me.  We could not have done it without you."
 - Lisa & Jon

"My doula was very helpful at the hospital.  With her there I was very comfortable and secure through labor.  She was a huge help with breastfeeding and kept me calm and focused.  With my doula, my birth plan was able to be followed." - Heather

"Our doula was a wonderful help before, during and after my labor. She was very supportive of the birth I envisioned and I couldn't imagine having done it without her." - Holly

"My experience with you and Naturally Yours far exceeded my expectations.  First of all, it was very comforting to me in our initial conversation when you said that you would be as involved as we would like.  I wasn't interested in someone to take over or take the place of Mike but rather guide us as first-timers and be an advocate for us to the hospital staff.  My concern was that Mike would not be involved or distance himself if I brought a doula to our team. From the beginning you did absolutely nothing to exclude him but gave him the proper tools and, more importantly, confidence to jump in and be 100% a part of the experience.  I was so impressed that you went out of your way to bond with him just as much as me.  We were a great team!  In addition to wonderful prenatal advice, you gave me information to make birth choices that I would not have given much thought to otherwise.  A jacuzzi tub was not in my original idea of the birth experience.  With your recommendation, that tub was a fantastic idea!  

I believe that had you not been with us and using your labor techniques throughout, the hospital may have initially sent me home.  Without you, my birth experience would have been longer, more painful, and possibly have ended in a C-section.  I did like that you were able to inform me about medications in our prenatal visits and help Mike and I to create a birth plan that fit our needs and wishes and execute that plan with the nurses and hospital staff.  Our Labor and delivery nurse was very excited that we had a doula.  I was so pleased when the nurses changed shift after 12 hours and I still had you by our side!  With you helping to create and knowing our birth plan, I feel that there were probably a number of times that you handled questions and issues with the hospital staff without Mike or myself ever even noticing thus allowing us to focus on each other and the moment.  

I was not opposed to having medication for pain but as the labor progressed as quickly as it did by using your techniques, I surprised myself by delivering naturally.  I didn't realize that there would be such a difference but by delivering without narcotics, I was able to walk within the hour, take a shower, and overall enjoy the birth the of our new baby girl without being groggy or immobile.  Mike was asleep before I was!   

So far we have had a flawless and quick recovery and have enjoyed our postpartum visits with you!  Breastfeeding was the one thing I was not at all concerned about going into delivery and ended up being the biggest hurdle upon returning home.  I had no idea that it would be so difficult but you helped me so much by beginning to teach me and baby within that first hour of birth, still in the delivery room.  I believe had we not had that moment, my breastfeeding days would have ended very quickly!  I so much appreciate the postpartum home visit to review breastfeeding and the "how to" of my new "milking machine" (aka breast pump).  Breastfeeding really is a whole lot harder than it looks!  

Thank you so much for everything!  You were such a hugely significant part of our entire birth experience, start to finish.  You are an amazing and patient person and I feel so fortunate to have found you!  Thanks again for everything!" - Suzie & Mike
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