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"We wanted a VBAC after two cesareans and I was nervous our doctor wasn't completely on board. Melissa helped us through our feelings about our previous deliveries and prepared us to succeed with our upcoming delivery. When we got to the hospital the doctor on call didn't want to allow us a TOLAC. Melissa convinced them to find a doctor who would and stayed with us the entire time. I can say with 100% confidence we would not have had our successful VBAC without Melissa."  
Meghan Stoddard

"Melissa was everything we could have wanted in a Doula and MORE. She was confident in me and supportive of our desire to have a VBAC (that was a success!). The level of support both before, during, and after birth was incredible and we will never not have her for further pregnancies!"
Kelsey Laskowski

"We hired Melissa for the birth of our 2nd son, and I would highly recommend Melissa's doula services! At first we weren't sure if we needed a doula for our 2nd child, but after meeting Melissa we felt it was a great fit and it was one of the best decisions we've made. Melissa was an extremely helpful resource during the entire process; before, during, and after the birth! During active labor she aided in keeping me comfortable and focused on maximizing each contraction. My husband and I couldn't have anticipated a better, all-natural experience in a hospital setting - and Melissa was a big part of making that possible! Melissa is very down to earth, honest, compassionate, knowledgable and hard-working! Again, I highly recommend her as a doula."  Lindsay Vanfleteren

"Melissa has been an angel that I didn't even know I would come to need as much as i have. The initial reason we contacted Melissa was because of my anxiety level with childbirth and my strong desire to have a natural birth experience in the hospital setting. She has thorough, knowledgeable and made us feel very comfortable right from the get go. Unfortunately, my baby boy was breech and Melissa became a constant regular at our home trying to assist us in flipping our baby into the right position. Melissa encouraged us to try everything we could possibly do and also was very hands on to help baby to move. By 38 weeks, baby still was breech and Melissa was present at the ECV at the hospital. When thus was unsuccessful, Melissa helped to revamp our birth plan to prepare us for the C-Section. She also attended our doctor visits when needed. Melissa helped to prep my husband in the event that she wouldn't be able to be in the room during the C-Section (which is what happened due to the anesthesiologist not permitting it). My husband was able to advocate for me and know better how to do this because of Melissa. She was a huge cheerleader and helper after the baby came as well with getting him to latch and coming over to our home when I was having difficulty with breastfeeding and the baby blues. Melissa was always willing and able to take my calls and texts whenever I needed her. Even though our circumstances were not ideal with my pregnancy, I don't think I could have gotten through this without Melissa's support and knowledge."  Amy Sheridan

"Having Melissa on board with us throughout my pregnancy and labor/ delivery was one of the best decisions we made! From the beginning, Melissa was able to answers our questions and calm our (mainly my) concerns. My husband, Brian, and I wanted to have a birthing experience with very few, if any, interventions. We weren’t sure how this would play out in a hospital setting, but Melissa helped us see we could achieve the natural birth that we wanted. During my pregnancy, Melissa helped us figure out baby’s position, create a birth plan, and helped us prepare for labor. When baby decided it was his time to enter the world, Melissa came over to our house and was a huge source of comfort. It was so helpful knowing that she could coach me and give me advice on laboring, when necessary. With this being our first, it was also helpful to have Melissa’s advice on when to transfer to the hospital. We wanted to labor at home as much as possible and having Melissa there gave us the mental comfort that we weren’t waiting too long! At the hospital, Melissa helped us carry out our birth plan and was an advocate for our wishes. During active labor and delivery, having Melissa and Brian as my coaches was very encouraging! We appreciate Melissa for being such a source of support for us as we welcomed to our first baby into this world! You won’t regret having Melissa on your birth team!" Rachelle Hall

"I am so very thankful we had Melissa for the pregnancy and birth of our daughter. Her knowledge and passion for supporting families in pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and adjusting to new family life is evident in every conversation.
For us she provided a private birth class in our home, a few meetings during the pregnancy to get to know us, learn our wishes for the birth and postpartum, and monitor how the pregnancy was going. I checked in after every OB appointment and she continued to echo our wishers and support as time moved closer to our due date.  Our due date came and went with a false start early on. Melissa reminded me what to watch for how to time contractions and what to expect when we went to the hospital. Her knowledge and experience with the care providers and hospital gave us irreplaceable insider knowledge during labor and delivery. She advocated for us and pointed out where we could ask questions and seek alternatives. She supported our birth plan and acknowledged when changes were necessary based on the situation. Labor and delivery did not go entirely as I had hoped due to a difficult care provider, and having Melissa there was another voice and supporter to do as much as we could and make it the best situation possible. The recap meeting after the birth was great to review and process all the events of the pregnancy and the birth.  Having Melissa as part of our birth team greatly reduced my stress when I realized that I did not need to know every possible option or technique to cope with labor, or what may come up as standard practice in a hospital setting. I could rely on her knowledge and experience to guide us and ask questions when the standard response may not be what we needed.  While I will be seeking out a new OB/Midwife for the next pregnancy, I will have Melissa as my doula again." 
Rochelle Schlaud

"Kim is simply an amazing Doula.  She listened to ALL my questions and concerns and helped me understand the birth process.  Kim helped us understand our options and develop a birth plan.  In the hospital, she was my coach and advocate. She was so supportive of both myself and my husband- helping him know how to help me, and trading off so he could have a break.  She was our rock and we can’t thank her enough." 
Danielle Brinker

"Kim was my Doula for both of my pregnancies and home births. She was wonderful to work with -- a great teacher, advocate and listener. Kim is knowledgeable, practical and exhibits a perfect combination of gentleness and confidence. Because of her experience and study, she helped me manage some overwhelming back pain in my second pregnancy (ask her about "sifting!) She also helped deliver my second son when he came before our midwife arrived! She was calm under pressure, for sure! If you are looking for a Doula, without hesitation, I recommend Kim."   Carrie Sharp

"Kim Langley attended both of my children's births - my daughter's in 2012 and my son's in 2014. I honestly couldn't have done it without her! She was everything I wanted and desired in a birth partner; she was calm, supportive, level-headed and knew when to give more and when to pull back. She was motherly and doting when needed and protector of the husband/wife bubble when needed. Kim truly knows how to read the situation, the energy of the room, and respond accordingly. My daughter's birth was textbook. I believe a lot of credit goes to Kim, who encouraged me to do specific exercises to get Baby aligned and ready for delivery, both before and during labor. My son's birth was textbook until the last twenty minutes, which were pretty intense. He flipped during labor and came out Frank Breech, and I was completely unmedicated. Kim was the epitome of peace and calm in the midst of a very scary situation. The birthing room was a flurry of people, and I have no doubt that her focused presence and relaxation exercises helped everyone stay calm in a moment of near-panic. After both births, Kim was absolutely amazing! She ensured babies' latches were great, they were feeding well, and set us up for breastfeeding success. And her postpartum visits were invaluable. I can't say enough amazing things about her! The other incredible thing about Kim is that she'll never push or encourage you to do anything you don't want. Helping and supporting you to have the delivery YOU want it is her goal, whether that means a medicated delivery or not. Even the hospital staff raved about her afterwards, which is an unbelievable compliment. I am so grateful for this woman, and I love that she will always be part of our familial history!" 
 Kathryn Marie
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